02 March 2008

My Favourite Thing

Why, the British House of Commons, of course.

Seriously, have you ever checked out the Prime Minister's Questions? Usually on C-Span. Everyone gets a chance to stand up and pose a question to the Prime Minister. At first glance, you think it is out of control. All the laughing and mocking and here-here's. The grumbling and murmuring...shouting of "Answer answer!" and then if the PM gives a vague answer there are boo's and jeers.

Then though, after thinking about it...the U.S. never gives our reps the chance to ask the President these questions, in public...demanding of an answer. Or if so, we never get to see it. We cant stop being "political" long enough to actually be political.

tally ho...


Hercules Rockefeller said...

I see what you did with the title, there. Good stuff.

Bird said...

sometimes i try to go for the subtle rather then the, 'Ello Gov'na!!