28 January 2009

“The ear of the leader must ring with the voices of the people” *

I'm no leader but my damn ear doesnt know any better. My stupid right ear is plugged and has been all day. Maybe I am fending off a cold or something but I have to say---it is extremely annoying.

Everything sounds muffled and pop and crackly...maybe it was the Rice Krispies I put in there this morning.

You having the same problem? Read here

What can you gather from that article? Q is pretty damn smart.

~pops and clicks and whistles~


*-Woodrow Wilson

26 January 2009

Why God Why...

It appears that I am the only one who truly appreciates the film, Mystery Men. Look, dont get me wrong, the film is horrible; even I can only watch the first half. Still, that first half is so goddamn funny.

Am I really all alone out here on this one??

How is Blagojevich allowed to live? If I lived in Illinois I would be so motherfuckin pissed off. This guy, who is in the middle of being impeached, is going on the View and Good Morning America and Larry King Live and has the gall to say that "after his arrest (he) drew inspiration from MLK, Gandhi and Nelson Mandela." What a giant douchebag.

First, I cannot believe that he is trying to spin this. What in the hell is he thinking? He is completely hosed and he is using whatever little spotlight he can to try and make a buck or get a new job out of it. It is disgusting to watch.

Second, what dumb ass producer is booking this worthless bag of shit on their show? I would feel disgusted if I helped this guy get any more face time. Saying things like he "considered approaching Winfrey for an open U.S. Senate seat..." I mean, that is stupid on so many levels I dont even know where to begin.

Lastly, I attended a panel discussion on the American Indian Genocide. It was pretty much what you expected with some interesting facts like, by 2050 only 20 of the 500 Native American languages will still be spoken.

Also, only 50% of Native American students graduate high school and of those, only 17% continue on to college.

Things got very exciting at the end when a Palestinian woman stood up and talked about how the Israelis have been slaughtering Palestinians for 22 days now and long before that. That when they defend their land they are called terrorists. Did I mention this talk was sponsored by the Mizel Museum...museum the of Judaica? Good times.

Then a gentlemen stood up to say that we need to acknowledge the ugly truth...and then pointed out that the genocide of the Mayan Indians in Guatemala was partially funded by the United States. It was pretty exciting all around.

22 January 2009


Besides the Roberts flub, that was a pretty good inauguration, eh? Things i liked best, Aretha's hat and Rev. Joseph Lowery's benediciton. Even I, the nonbeliever, said Amen to that.

Also, i liked the new Prez's inaugural address. Some may say there weren't enough, "The only thing we have to fear..." kind of lines in it but I dont think that matters too much. Some say that it wasn't focused enough but i would disagree with them. I think it set just the right tone for the new administration. Strong and resolute. I am looking forward to seeing how it all shakes out.

And now here, for your viewing pleasure, is my favorite photo taken during the big event...

12 January 2009

The Hills Are Alive...

...with the sound of screaming.

Rumor has it that during the cold war the BBC was preparing a list of ten movies it would play to calm and reassure the public in the event of a nuclear strike against the United Kingdom.

The Sound of Music was one of them....

Now I dont know about you, but I can think of, oh a hundred different things I would rather watch on TV in the event of a nuclear strike, with the local news being pretty high on my list.

All this got me thinking, what would a post-apocalyptic My Favorite Things be like...

PS No grief, Q and I really like kittens...

09 January 2009

It's Been Nine Days...

...Nine whole days into the new year.

I have things to say but no way get them out-out of my brain and onto the screen.

Since i cant get my own words out I thought I would pass along a line from a short story I read today. I have read this story many times and i always forget this line until the moment i come upon it and then I am struck by the simplicity of it. It is a rather, romantic line...think more James Fenimore Cooper and less Danielle Steel. While i love to read i can easily say that there are only a few passages that really stick with me. Few words that when I hear them, at that very moment, make me happy and break my heart all at once.

But...i cant do that either. I cant pass along this line because I know that to everyone else it wont feel right. That the perfect moment wont last or that it isnt for everyone and may be just for me.

So I have nothing and everything to say.

I am sure that I will write again soon. I know the goofball stories are there and that they will come pouring out of me, even if i dont want them to.

All in good time.

~peaches and tweets~