09 January 2009

It's Been Nine Days...

...Nine whole days into the new year.

I have things to say but no way get them out-out of my brain and onto the screen.

Since i cant get my own words out I thought I would pass along a line from a short story I read today. I have read this story many times and i always forget this line until the moment i come upon it and then I am struck by the simplicity of it. It is a rather, romantic line...think more James Fenimore Cooper and less Danielle Steel. While i love to read i can easily say that there are only a few passages that really stick with me. Few words that when I hear them, at that very moment, make me happy and break my heart all at once.

But...i cant do that either. I cant pass along this line because I know that to everyone else it wont feel right. That the perfect moment wont last or that it isnt for everyone and may be just for me.

So I have nothing and everything to say.

I am sure that I will write again soon. I know the goofball stories are there and that they will come pouring out of me, even if i dont want them to.

All in good time.

~peaches and tweets~

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The Happy Cynic said...

I often feel that everything I have to say has already been said by someone else and so, why say it? And to me, I think it always sounds more true to me in my head than if I said it outloud; like saying it outloud would take away its validity, its importance.

For example, I have this whole really cool story about a crazy "God thing" that happened to me about 15 years ago, but to tell it would make it less special somehow. So, I don't tell it.