22 December 2005

Holiday Rage

So here I am at 7:08am blogging. The person my co-workers call sleepy head no less..i arrived at work at 6:45. Yes, that is right I am a sick fuck. But really, what an amazing sun rise here in Boulder. The sky is filled with wispy clouds and is just on fire. Look I took a photo...

I wish I could actually get up this early, watch the amazing sunrise and not feel like i need a nap in the afternoon. Just for funsies here is a photo of my co-worker Thunderpussy....

Two Minutes Hate
It is that time of year. A season when people feel a bit nicer, help others a bit more, and-in my own humble opinion-walk a hundred times slower.

Honestly, what the fuck is up with that?! It is xmas man! I dont have time to meander around the goddamn target watching you ooohhh and awwwwwww at some stupid singing santa doll. I know you havent decided what you are going to get your uncle murray but really, can you at least get the fuck out of the way for those of us who know exactly what we are getting and where it is located??

Sure, you may be fat or old or have a debilitating mental disorder...i can understand that you may not be able to walk as fast as others. I have no problems with that. I am not asking you to walk faster, just to recognize that the world does not move at your snail like pace. Be aware and most importantly, get the fuck out of my way! I would hate to ram this cherry red cart right up your ass!

Happy Holidays!

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