13 January 2006


It isnt spring? Are you sure? Lemme check?

Umm...i think it is. That spring feeling is in the air. I am flirting with strangers and just had an ice cream cone. Soft serve baby!

I really just wanted to post something about the magical power of an ice cream cone. Honestly, it makes you feel like a kid. Driving around this afternoon with the windows down and spring-y music in my car was just wonderful. I had just gotten the car washed and was feeling great. I saw a man in the car next to me eating a cone and thought, well goddamn if that isnt a brilliant idea.


I suggest that tomorrow, all you blog readers go and get a cone...sit in the sun and feel the spring time breeze on your face. Unless you live in the Northwest, in which case you should hunker down with some soup.

Tweet tweet went the bird...

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Mary said...

I have a relevant anecdote! I just got back from Chile (because I am an INTERNATIONAL TRAVELER) and people there are batshit crazy about ice cream. You know how we have a Starbucks or a liquor store on every corner? Chileans have an ice cream shack, plus two or three more in the middle of the block. It is seriously out of hand. I thought maybe it was just because it's summertime down there but the Chilean friends I was traveling with said ice cream is equally popular in the wintertime.

My favorite kind of ice cream was called DANKY and it's the prewrapped kind like you get from the ice cream truck (strangely, the concept of the ice cream truck seems not to have caught on in Chile). The best kind of Danky is chocolate with almonds in it and there's a secret hidden chocolate almond way down at the bottom of the cone. DANKY!