24 January 2006

What's the Deal With Bird

Looking over my last couple months of posts I realize...where has all the hate gone? It pops up every once and a while but for the most part I havent been filled with rage like before. Why is that.

I have a couple of theories. Nothing I plan on sharing though...but let me say that, while it may be bad for my blogging, the lack of hate is good for my head and heart. While I still have my good days and bad ones, I am happy and that is a good thing.

There are plenty of things that make me angry though. Never fear. And thus...a list!

Things That Piss Bird Off Even Though She Is Very Happy

~ The Stupid Mini-Van Lady who was riding my ass this morning
~ Being smart and funny and making crap pay while driving to boulder each morning
~ My Xcel bill...$110 last month. Holy fuck, my apartment is less than 450 sq ft!
~ The lack of donations to "Kathryns-trip-to-Germany-to-see-her-pal-get-married" fund
~ My neighbor who never shovels the snow and waits for me to do it
~ Dang Broncos
~ Dumb IT guy who still flubs my name and yet once threatened me
~ SOQ's
~ Not getting any hand written letters
~ Laundry
~ My hair (today at least)
~ Bank of America for twice last night booting me while trying to talk to someone

See, I still hate things.

In fact, if it will make you happy, I hate you!


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