20 February 2008

"The Satellite Looks Down Right Now and Forever"

I am sure most of you folks have heard about the spy satellite
that was first reported about back in January.

It isnt responding to commands, is in a decaying orbit, and will strike the
ground in March. But recently the U.S. has said that to protect us from
large chunks of metal and rocket fuel it will shoot it out of the sky with a
missle. Oh also, there could be sensitive shite that no one wants the
russians or north koreans to find.

I am really excited to watch it happen and am thinking about placing bets on whether it will work or not...My guess is no chance in hell.

Also, like most news orgs are saying, you know it is more a test for the MDA. Who, by the by, have one of the coolest seals...

Atlantis has landed so the shot will come tonight in the Pacific. I can hardly wait...


Hercules Rockefeller said...

Zero chance of hitting that thing. Shit is a pipe-dream.

Bird said...

God, I am really having an off fucking night. They hit the satellite and it seems to have worked.


Hercules Rockefeller said...

Propoganda. That fuckin' thing missed by a hundred miles. Bush is going to revive and amp-up SDI before he leaves.