06 June 2007

I Got Me Some Books Smarts

Did you guys know that a pineapple doesnt grow on a tree but rather in a large pokey looking bush? Here, let me show you.

See? What the hell. Am i the only dope who thought they grew on trees?

Do you guys think they are related to the artichoke?


With game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals tonight, what better way to get you in mood then this fantastical goal from Ovechkin earlier in the year.

Editors note: for some reason blogger and you tube are being bastards so there is no posting on the blog rather you must click the word...


Also hockey related is this excellent blog from the folks over at "And Here Come the Pretzels!"

There are countless number of sports bloggers out there. Honestly, it is astounding. To read some you can check out Orange Bucksnorts and see a list of quality sites on the right.


I suppose it is about time to get back to work. Happy wed-nes-day

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