14 November 2007

Good Old Texas

Something I like about Texas; crazy names! There has to be a heavy German population based on some of the city names. My favorite so far is Pflugerville. Also, signs for the water park, Schlitterbahn. Come ride the Schlitterbahn...that's how you get someone into bed. (ba dum bum)

Of course there are the good old native american names too like, my favorite, Waxahachie. Q turned me onto it and guess what everyone, the Superconducting Super Collider was to be built near by! Who doesnt love a boondoggle?

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Anonymous said...

Don't you find it strange that so close to the border there are towns like Edinburgh and McAllen, when you really know that the historical place names were Spanish words? I think it is a case of historical amnesia, as if to say:

"No there were no Mexicans here, this land was settled by the Scotts"