04 November 2007

Those Who Do Not Learn From the Past...

Two years ago I was sitting in my house waiting for my back to stop hurting so I could go back to work and to my life. Here I am again, laying on the couch and not in the "lazy sunday" kind of way. I have been down and out for a couple days and missed yet another entertaining function so i could instead, writhe on the couch and watch Constantine. I actually kind of liked it, the movie that is.

Needless to say, I am pretty tired of this. I went for a massage on friday and Ms. Paine (no lie) worked my glutes. Seems my lower back pain is centered in my ass.

Interesting. After the massage I noticed a difference but a couple of hours later and my ass had tightened up again and I was back to laying around writhing in pain.

Seriously tired of this shit.

As an aside, what the fuck is wrong with the Broncos?



hrdwrebabe said...

I know you don't think it is a good idea...but you should check into a chiropractor. It has worked wonders for me and my bad lower back. If you don't go for that...there are two things that i have found that help...new mattress...if you are too firm or too soft is messes you up. Also... new pillows. they keep your neck straight, when you sleep on your side, which helps witht the lower back. You saw me in my back brace...i havent been back to that since i got new pillows. :) Love ya!!

Bird said...

I am not anti-bone crackers. I have been to one before. I had to stop because my back hurt more when I would go to him then when I didnt. I have done the bone guys, the massage thing, rolling around on a tennis ball (dont ask). They've checked for tumors, disc issues...it is very sad indeed. I may go back and try it again. I mean, you never know right?

hrdwrebabe said...

i figured as much...but try the new pillow..... :) its a cheap investment...and it helps. :)