16 November 2007

Olden Times

Here is why Olden Times is my favorite historical period...

"The Tactical and Strategical Value of Dirigible Balloons and Aerodynamical Flying Machines" written by,

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Lady Blogs-a-some of Renotowne said...

Oh that is so rad. The whole reason I got into archaeology was so I could laugh at old-timey people. I found Lt. Foulois' conclusion at the National Archives today:

"In summation, old beans, far be it from myself to foist one's own happenstancical opynions on others, but I cannot help but be overjoyed to a fantastical degree to report herein that dirigible balloons, and indeed all aerodynamical flying machines as defined abovewise, do in fact possess magnificent and lusciously perspicacious tactical and strategical values. Huzzah!"