08 October 2006

Testing Testing

I made some changes to the settings on the old blog-o-rama so I am just testing them out.

Briefly let me say a couple of things...

1. the city and county of denver was at one point planning an arts and cafts fair. It was my goal to lie to these people...telling them that I was part of the loverly Curios Candles folks. While yes, they are friends, i do nothing but buy from them (as an aside...buy from these ladies. They are the best candles ever because they actually make them by hand with care...making sure that they dont burn all stupid). Anyway, we go to this meeting and i swear i thought i would jab myself in the eyes half way through. Instead of just telling people how it was going to be the lady was like, "what do you think?" Which, honestly-dont ask people that because i am 99% sure what they think is stupid. And, true to form the quilters were like...can we set the date for August 2015 so I can make a bunch-a quilts? And the people who, I am sure, make those scary ass clown masks were like...can I get half a table and pay half-maybe get 1/3 of a table because you know-masks and stuff sell so well. It was horrible and lead to the people saying...ummm yeah we will get back to you about the craft fair. It will never happen and there is government for you. How can we run a goddamn city if we cant even run a craft fair?

2. After the last preseason game the local NBC station was asking Nick Ferguson if he was excited to get the season started. He said something to the equivalent of "It is time to put on the teflon jacket and get out there!" At the time I thought it was just him flubbing the word kevlar. I mean...teflon? that makes no sense; unless he was talking about nothing sticking to teflon so if you were making a tackle you would just slide right off. I told my Broncos loving brother about it and he pointed out the 50 Cent lyric..

"I'm on the teflon vest shit
that wild wild west shit
81 1 carat stones on my necklace."

So, maybe I am the jackass for not getting it straight....curiouser and curiouser

3. All my fantasy-sports dreams are coming true! No wait...i am sorry I have that wrong. In week four I was booted out of the Flatirons Survival League. My fantasy football team, the solid muldoons, started a quarterback with a bye this week, and hockey...well, it is too early to tell but I am nervous.

4. I should, at this point, either finish looking for jobs or go to bed!

best to you all


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