05 May 2009

Defining Moment

First of all, I missed the Caps Penguins game last night but would highly recommend watching the highlights here. Two hat tricks?! So exciting.


In class yesterday one of the students gave a presentation and said that the Jewish Holocaust was the most important moment in the 20th Century.

I really disagree with this statement. Certainly it is an important moment, but not THE penultimate moment. But then it got me thinking, what do i think the most important moment of the 20th Century is?

I am sure my bias is showing but, I think landing on the moon is the most important moment. We left the fucking planet in 1969. LEFT THE PLANET!! I mean, really think about that. Cases could be made for the invention of the microchip, or the first use of the atomic bomb.


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Jim said...

I'm with you on this one, bird. Course, I got to watch it live, in very grainy, herky-jerky black and white. But I saw it.