16 December 2006


This is easily the worst night I have had in 5 days at the help line. The night has moved so slow...like molasses on a cold day. I read a paragraph and notice that less than a minute has passed. Ugh. In addition, i was super sleepy today. Right at 3am i hit the wall. Just miserable.

But, all in all, it wasnt as bad as I was thinking it would be. Of course, i miss sleeping in the nice big bed with the mister, but at least I am alone here and can zoom through books and blog non-stop. Not that we are hoping this job lasts!

Speaking of books let me please recomend one I just finished tonight; Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman by Haruki Murakami I love all things Murakami but have never read his short stories. They are really very wonderful, especially "Firefly", "Chance Traveler", and "The Kidney-Shaped Stone".

The other fun bit of Bird-Fact is that I graduated from college 6 years ago today. Ahh, how bright-eyed and excited i was. Little did i know that in such a short period of time I would forsake my college career and focus on something much more important like finding that Sports Guy Article where he makes fun of Mike Shanahan.

Alright kiddos, have a wonderful weekend!


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