03 December 2006


So, I walked out on my job last thursday. Yep...something i have never done before. I went into work in the morning and nearly had a panic attack. I was just so unhappy. I felt like there was no way out. Something had to be done...

So, i sat on it for a couple of hours and told my boss when i got back from lunch. I actually just quit and set it up so I can use my vacation and sick hours. My final day is December 8th. As of yet, i have no other job.

The real hunt begins tomorrow. What kills me is, i felt so strapped in. There didnt seem to be any way for me to get out of my job, until now. Now i see how i can get some part time jobs or seasonal and look for something else. Or maybe I will stumble upon something great right off the bat.

I guess the point is, i learned that things seem much worse when you are in the midst of it. And that everyone has a breaking point, when the little switch is flipped and we move into action mode.

I feel pretty happy about it all now. I feel like I can do anything I want to now. Not bound by hours and schedule and resumes.

I will write more now that I am at home and searching for a job. Shall keep you all updated on the hunt.

tweet tweet went the bird.


Mary said...

Does this mean we can start our public access talk show?

Bird said...

Totally. I am so there. I have lots to bitch and moan about...I mean; discuss in an intelligent manner.

Rebecca said...

seriously, good good luck. that's exactly what I did a few months ago, and it worked out perfectly. I found a job I really like and I didn't even have a gap in pay. It will work for you too. :0)