10 December 2008

Turkey Day Road Trip Part 2

Check out this sweet picture...

That's the shuttle Endeavour piggybacking its way back to Florida this morning.

Alright, on to the second half of the road trip. We left Dallas in the afternoon and headed for Oklahoma. On they way i snapped this poor quality photo while driving 85mph...

Who the hell advertises ham sandwiches in a series of large billboards? Robertson, that's who.

As we were pulling into Oklahoma City we remembered that neither of us had seen the OKC memorial. It was dark, windy as a mother, but still early so we swung by before finding a place to stay.

I was really quite surprised at how moved i was by the whole thing. Q was as well.

The next morning we went back to visit the museum.

I have to say, they did a wonderful job with the memorial. It was so well designed and really beautiful. The museum was also very good. A bit much for me but very well done. It took them only 5 years to complete and those in charge of the WTC memorial could really learn something from them. It is ridiculous that after seven years we cant stop being political long enough to figure it out. Get your shit together people.

After spending most of the morning in OKC (a town I actually liked quite a bit) we headed north on our way back to Denver. On our way we passed Billings, OK Home of my pal LLK.

And I thought The Edge was itsy bitsy. Everyone's heard the phrase, "Blink and you'll miss it" Q said, after passing through "Holy crap i have never actually done that before."

I didnt get to see the Circle Flying L Ranch/Farm/Acreage so that will have to be a different trip.

And that is it. I have no photos from Kansas for a couple reasons, number one being...it's Kansas. One nice thing, you do get to drive by a large wind farm for several miles. I dont care what people say, i think they are beautiful.

Also, while in Kansas i realized i actually like the Howard Stern radio show...I admit to making judgements about it without really listening. So there you go.

Okay. that is all for the trip but I do have an event reminder for you local folks.


Tuba Xmas! This Sunday December 14th 1pm at Skyline Park (16th and Arapahoe downtown).

My one and only xmas tradition.

I will be there with baritones on...get it??

...I hate myself.

~smooches and tweets

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The Happy Cynic said...

How was Tuba Xmas? (Which I have missed three years in a row now.)

Freezing? Did steam from warm breath rise out of the tubas as they were being played?

Just curious.