09 December 2008

Turkey Day Road Trip Part 1

The day after Thanksgiving Q and I decided we needed to get away and randomly chose...


Gas is cheap so now seemed like the best time to enlarge our carbon footprint.

We headed south through New Mexico and across the panhandle on the way down. What did we encounter, besides a super sweet lit phone booth?, why Zombie Fog of course!

Q nearly avoided a neck bite to get this photo. On the stretch from Raton to Dallas we learned two things. One, the Loose Caboose is a bad name for a restaurant and Two, covered wagons never had headlights (why yes, that is my degree in history hanging on the wall over there...thanks for asking).

Once in the Dallas Fort Worth area we headed south about 20miles to Waxahachie where Q Lad went to school until the age of 15.

What a great little town. I was totally enraptured by the, "Gingerbread City."

One big highlight of Waxahachie is the abandoned buildings associated with Superconducting Super Collider. Based on a crappy map and Q's keen collider sensing radar we were able to locate it.

All reference to the super collider has been removed. It is just a big complex of buildings (probably filled with the homeless) and an ~14mile tunnel. Q says a data center is going in the facility but he can talk more about that.

We stayed the night and then drove up to Dallas the next morning. Our first stop?

That's me finger-gunning the 6th Floor Window where Oswald allegedly shot Kennedy.

I enjoyed the museum and it was nice to finally see in person a location nearly every American can recognize.

Here are some Midwestern tourists conducting their investigations into the 45 year old assassination.

...I think these folks are on to something.

After all the sadness Q and I knew only one thing could make us feel good...

...a tour of Texas Stadium! Here are some highlights

A shot from the bathroom

Classic Bird and Q shot on the Dallas Cowboys Field.

Somebody left their baby on the center field star!


I said goodbye to Dallas with a big, Thanks for the memories and a WTF is this?

We left Dallas and headed to Oklahoma City where more sadness awaited. I will post the second half Wednesday.

Enjoy your tomorrow!

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