16 December 2008

Bird Cam

I bought one of those pet cam's for el gato.

She doesnt wear a collar so when i put it on her she really freaked out. While she is getting used to the collar i thought i would wear the camera around for the day and see what kind of photos it took.

The photos are in order below...

Pretty exciting life i lead eh? And today was kind of an active day too!

Alright, i am certain something really interesting will happen tomorrow that will force me to blog. Until then...



Hercules Rockefeller said...

you wore a cat collar all day?

Bird said...

No silly, i just wore the camera on my shirt.

The Happy Cynic said...

That was your coolest post to date.

Can I get one of those for my dog? Where'd ya get it?

Bird said...

I bought it at Target. In the toy aisle...Sorry about the link.