30 December 2008

End Of The Year Blog

Hello my pretties...

I've been out of touch for a week or so due to so many factors that I dont want to get into. Lets just say my office IT folks arent so bright eh?

I hope you had a super fantastic Xmas and Hanukkah. I hope that Sinterklaas didn't put a stick in your shoe!

There is so much I want to write about before the end of the year but I think I will only get to a couple...

The Brian Meeker Allstars finished a respectable 3rd place. I sat in first the entire season and then crumbled at the end. Much like...

The Broncos are one big pile of suck eh? I agree with Herc when he says it is "The Biggest Collapse in NFL History"

What really kills me is listening to the players talk about their season on Sunday night and Monday. To my surprise, Brandon Marshall is the only player (that I heard) who said that he was partly responsible for the collapse. He admitted that he needed to be a better leader on and off the field. Cut spent his time talking about the talent and next year and bullshit and bullshit. I was hoping he would be a little more...honest I suppose.

The firing of Shanahan blew me away too. I said i think he should be fired, if only because the team needs a serious fucking wake up call, but I also said that Bowlen would never do it. Color me surprised.

Leap Seconds...can anyone explain this to me?

Yes, I understand that we need to add a second so that my Zamboni watch matches solar time, i.e. noon on our clocks mean the sun is at the highest point in the sky, but the concept of just being able to add a freakin second or a day just hurts my brain. I mean...it doesnt mean anything...time that is. I love the idea of anything atomic though so I am leaning that way. Also, in a millennium when noon will come at what we think of as 1pm, 11 will be the new noon. The names will change and everything will adapt, I am not too worried about it.

Since the leap second is added at the same time around the world, it hits the Mountain time zone at 4:59pm Tomorrow, Wednesday December 31st.

I can hardly wait for my extra second of pay.

That's all for now. If i dont get a chance to say it before tomorrow at midnight, Happy New Year!

~noisemakers and confetti~

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