07 July 2009

Hejduk For Captain

*ring ring*
Birdy: Hello?
Joe Sakic: Hi Bird.
B: Hey there Joe...what's the word?
JS: I'm done, thought I would let you know first.
B: I appreciate that Joe. Happy 40th by the way...
JS: Thanks for remembering.
B: Of course, so what are you going to do now? Play for Team Canada in 2010?
JS: First I am going to call Chelios and try and talk some sense into him.
B: Good call. Hey, would you tell Sacco to make Hejduk captain?
JS: I will...take care-see ya around the Ice Shack!
B: Thanks!

Bye Captain Joe...no matter what Q says, you were a good player and a stand up guy. Just because I totally knew he was outta here this summer doesnt mean I am not bummed about it. I wonder if he will go the way of Chicken Parm? That would be nice to see.

I think Sakic's retirement and all of the new personnel really does signal a different Avalanche team. One that no fan in Colorado has ever seen...the next couple of years will be disappointing but very interesting.

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The Happy Cynic said...

Wait ... why do they have to be "disappointing"?

I know, I'm a ridiculous optimist. It makes no logical sense at all.