28 August 2008

"A Massachusetts man is so far the only person arrested during the week of the Democratic National Convention in Denver who is facing charges of attempting to use a feces-filled bottle as a weapon."

Oh you knew this was coming right? Q has a very interesting story about containers of similar items found in a Denver neighborhood.

What i find strange is, the man arrested said that it was all a mistake and that "the bottle contained coffee with soy milk, not feces".

I think there is a very easy way to figure out who is telling the truth here.

I hate that celebrities can just meander into the Pepsi Center and Mile High Stadium wearing their "I'm Famous" credentials, without so much as a whiff of a baton to their heads, while the rest of us who are also excited about the DNC and who also count for one vote have to hope we get random credentials from Obama's website (we didnt).

Sigh...i suppose that is what i get for being untalented. Unless you want to count writing an ICRMP as a talent. No? Okay then, talentless.

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