07 August 2008

Douchey McFavre

I really dislike this guy. Dont get me wrong, I used to like him. He used to be the All American Quarterback. That is before he held a teary press conference and said goodbye. That was before the Packers offered him 25 million to just stay at home. Do you know how insane that sounds? 25 million to stay at home and eat nachos and armchair quarterback all season long. I liked Favre before Goodell waved his hand and forced the Packers to take him back. I liked Favre before he arrived in Green Bay in the rain and then preceded to have a whine fest with Mike McCarthy.

Gene Wojciechowski at espn says, "For all those Favre critics who insist he's a drama queen, remember that he could have stayed in Green Bay, practiced, competed in an open competition with Aaron Rodgers and dared Thompson and coach Mike McCarthy to keep him on the bench. But he didn't. He left after several days because he has more respect for the Packers than the Packers have for him."

Seriously? You think this guy has respect for the Packers? Give me a break...if he had respect he would have never tried to get reinstated months after retiring. He would have seen that by offering him 25 million they were sending a clear message that Aaron Rodgers was the future of the organization. Brett made his bed and the Packers had to move on. It is disrespectful for Favre to decide that he can just force a situation with his former team. Give me a break Wojciechowski...

Favre is just another sports star willing to sacrifice his legacy so that he can keep playing and playing and playing... *Cough* Jerry Rice *Cough*

At some point, what is best for everyone is to ignore Dylan Thomas and stop raging, raging against the dying of the light.

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