26 August 2008

DNC Day 2

All this talk about Hillary's speech tonight and "Ohhh what is she going to say?"

Seriously, what the hell do you guys think she is going to say? This is the DNC so there will be no surprises here. She will tow the same line she has since she dropped out. Thanks to all the women who worked hard for me. There is only one choice in this race and it is Obama. Do for him what you did for me.

That is all.

She will talk about her historic race, and even though I am not a big fan of HRC, it was indeed historic. She won primaries and was a serious rival for Obama. Especially today she should be given her due.

But lets not be stupid. is there division within the party? Yes. Are there HRC fans who wont vote for Obama? Yes, but i dont believe they would have voted for him regardless. Will it cost Obama the election? No. Not to say he is a shoe-in, but if he loses it wont be because of the crazies at Hillary is 44.

She is still a Senator and has a political career in front of her. she cant say something stupid here and screw up her future. That goes for Bill too.

Again, it is a convention...there's no such thing as surprises.

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