28 August 2008

DNC Day 4

So that's the end eh? Lots of confetti to clean up before this weekends college game.

I have to say, the reports of the "Huge" "Ridiculous" "Greek God Like" stage were so much blather. The stage looked fine. It was nice and wasnt a big deal. If that is the biggest dig the Reps have on Obama, the next 67 days are going to be really annoying.

My only complaint? More Stevie Wonder songs please!

I will have some clean up posts from the Mile High City in the next couple days, "Hippies crapped in my bushes!" and the whatnot.

I am looking forward to the RNC next week. While i cant enjoy the antics from the twin cities, i am sure i will find something to talk about.

This weekend, there will be a blog about the Lousiana "Academic Freedom" bill.

Till then...Happy returns!


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