25 August 2008

Your Democratic National Convention Headquarters!

I was thinking, how can i Share all the exciting DNC news with the readers of this blog. I am in Denver so surely I have some sort of foot up on your regular joe q. public blogger right?

I have thought and thought, what role can i serve "my readers", my party...nay my country! And then, as if struck by lighting it came to me...

"The Delaware senator eventually made his way to the counter where he ordered five pulled pork sandwiches."

I will provide you with all the non-news. All the stupid stories...the dumb things people in denver will be talking about (ZOMG, i totally bumped into Sean Penn at the paradise bakery on the 16th St. Mall! He was eating a muffin!). You can see what homers us colorado folk are, we can make fun of celebrities and politicos and news people, and hopefully my average reader number will shoot into the teens...