18 August 2008

Dumb Stuff

I am all about crazy Olympic events...for christs sake, i attended a curling class so you know I am up for the zany, but I hit my zany limit last night around 2am while watching Pairs Synchronized Swimming.

*yes i was up at 2 watching crappy olympic games, judge me if you must.

Not only is the whole concept of synchronized swimming silly but the commentator! Man, i nearly lost my shit listening to her descriptions of the moves.

Let me break them down for ya...

Spinning....upside down

Like a flamingo...upside down

and my favorite

It's called treading water....

How is this a sport. I mean, it isnt really even very fun to watch? The women are all wearing makeup, so very practical, and the moves all look the same. I mean, we have all spent an afternoon in the pool with our friends so we know there are only so many "moves" you can actually perform in the water.

For me and my friends there were only five or so: the one handed handstand, the one handed front flip, the one handed leg split, the one handed half spin, and the one handed leg flick. "All one handed," you migh say, sounding impressed. Yes, the other was plugging my nose.

~Peaches and Tweets

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