04 August 2008

Robot Guts 2.6

For the Friend I couldn't Keep
by Chantilly 2007

I wonder if old friends are happy with new friends
If they think their friendships will last forever, just
like they think their undocumented memories will
and pictures of them laughing and joking and hugging
and kissing.

I wonder if all these memories are woth keeping
Although I don't think I have a choice
They are coated with smells of beer and stale,
lingering housefire smoke
And lined with Burgar St sounds of cursing and
shooting up and, "Hey, you want any perks?"

Our bond is lost at sea like dead bodies in the
Welland Canal, left behind at "the other place"
Memories attached with necklaces and paintbrushes
and pictures that were once a gift

Once you said, "People care more than you think they do."
But actions speak louder than words
And yours have drowned out.

Learn from the best of times
Learn from the worst of times
Breathe, and move on.
It's all we can do.


Please take and apply to all your failed friendships.

~That is all~

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The Happy Cynic said...

That poem makes me sad.