06 November 2006

Voting Day

Oh i love voting! I like going behind the curtain and pushing the buttons and getting my sticker and all things civic minded in general. Once my voting place was at a fire station. That was cool because the alarm went off when i was there waiting in line. Plus, the firefighter guys were kinda helping out and everyone knew what was going on. Other then that, i have voted only at old folks homes. No offense to the elderly but, come on people! If you cant remember if you turned off the stove or what your children's names are then should you be allowed to determine if this is, in fact, my polling place and what happens when the machine shuts off when i am voting? I mean, do i get a do over or what?

Anyway, i am voting at an elementary school tomorrow. A first for me. With such a huge ballot this time here in Colorado, it should make for an interesting voting experience. At least, that is what I am banking on because I plan to run through my voting experience diary like (mostly as a homage to Sarah Vowell whom i have been reading a mess load of lately.).

Let me know how your voting experience was! I want stories people!


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Mary said...

Well, I voted absentee in Nevada, and hardly anyone I voted for is even close to winning, so my ballot will probably never even be opened. My theory is it will be taken to Virginia City and used to power one of those "squish a penny into a flatter shape" machines.