08 November 2006


So, i am kinda happy and more then a little disappointed in the state of Colorado.

I like Bill Ritter. He is a moderate Democrate who seems like a genuine person. Of course, what the hell do i know but I am encouraged by him being around.

However, the US House - District 6 race went to Tancredo who is just a nutjob. That's right Zimmerman, you heard me!

In addition, the ballot issue defining marriage passed. This one bothers me and I think it should bother everyone. I mean, whether or not you believe in gay marriage, why would you want to put a passage in the constitution that would actually limit someone's rights? It just seems wrong. Also, Ref. I that would recognize domestic partnerships didnt pass either. It just feels mean...wow, that is some sound analysis eh?

Both of the ridiculous immigration issues passed even though they are a complete waste of time since one is voluntary (Hey, raise your hand if you are employing illegal immigrants so we can fine you...chirp chirp...no one? Great! Thanks for your help) and the other is just a stupid referendum that both parties can point to and say, "Look, see...I am working to stop illegal immigration." Lame...

Minimum wage passed and that is a good thing and I am also glad that term limits for judges was shot down as well. The legalization of 1oz or less of pot lost but i dont think anyone really thought that was going to make it.

While Dems now control the US House and Senate, in colorado, marilyn musgrave is still around.

I dont know...like I said, i am happy and disappointed all in one.

At least I didnt have to wait in line for 7hours like some folks in near by douglas county.



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Rich Uncle Skeleton said...

43 was a slam-dunk from the get-go, and Ref. I had no chance, unfortunately. 43 is legislative gay-bashing. Hopefully someone will sue, like w/ 2 a few years ago. Utter nonsense.

The Tank was a roll-over, the dems had no chance and put no money in the race. You love the Tank.

The dems would have had Musgrave's seat if they ran anyone halfway competent. They pumped so much money in that race, they should be ashamed of themselves. Same for the GOP w/ Beauprez and O'Donnell (7th) ...neither had a shot.

The auto minimum wage increases are hugely short-sided. Just raise the minimum when you need to, why guarantee it in the constitution. What if we cant afford it in 10 years? I see this one being repealed in less than a decade.

Imigration "reform" and term limiting judges were a waste of paper.