12 February 2009

Island Music

One thing I am enjoying are the local music stations. I am sure that if i spent more than a week here i would be tired of the love songs with a reggae sound. Since I am not, however, it's a nice break from all the crap that plays on the other channels.

Also, the drivers are sickeningly nice. And I saw five fucking rainbows today for christs sake. We get it Hawaii, you're so friendly. Lay off will ya....

Work has been difficult. 15 POC's makes for a reckless survey. For everyone who thinks I have spent my days lying on the beach drinking Chi Chi's here are some shots of the buildings we've surveyed...

Also...traffic looks the same everywhere

We have a full day tomorrow and I fly home tomorrow night, so the prospects of me actually walking on the beach and/or doing something semi-relaxing and vacationy seems to be diminishing rapidly.

Them's the breaks I suppose.

~hula skirts and coconut bras~


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