04 February 2009

Long Live The Hud

Munpe Q is blogging and twittering as we speak. Check out his work to the right (see Munpe Q is Righteous). I've also added a link to Fuck You, Penguin which is possibly my most favorite blog ever (see Suck It Penguin). The last bit of housekeeping is the addition of the National Coalition of Censorship blog (see Censorship). Good stuff.

Last night i was able to attend a semi-swankish shindig at the Denver D&F Tower. Swankish stuff is not really something i am too comfortable with but I figured this could possibly be my only chance to live out all my Hudsucker Proxy fantasies.

Here are some photos I took:

The clock face from the inside

The clock face from the outside

On the upper balcony looking west

On the lower balcony looking east

Spiral staircase that leads to the cupola

That is all....

Happy Hump Day


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Sarah Falcon said...

Thanks for the mention. I love fuckyoupenguin too, in my non-professional capacity.