26 February 2009

"I've got to admit it's getting better/a little better all the time"

I am feeling better. I still sound horrible (so if you are into that kind of thing give me a ring) and i get tired easily but the pounding of my head and overall crappiness is gone...so that is something right?

Not much to share but I felt that it was time to post something. I am slogging it out in Hawaii paperwork (damn you impossible-to-spell names!) and thinking that I was punished with island fever for all my bitching about the humidity.

I found a new album to fall madly in love with, "We Brave Bee Stings and All" by Thao. Honestly, I can't recommend this enough.

I feel like I am falling behind in school, so that is awesome. Missing class on monday was stinky. I have more museums to visit (one less, thanks to Q and Lucretia Vaile) and some research on my grad. topic. Q is gone for work next week so I am hoping to knock out some work then.

Other than that...nothing I can share.

Hope your week has been more productive than my own.

~cough drops and tissues~

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Munpe Q said...

From the sound of I keep her from getting anything done.