04 November 2008

Blogging The Vote *UPDATE 10:24pm*

Happy Election Day everyone! I hope that by the time you read this you have already voted.

As you may have read last week, I voted on thursday and since I was denied a voting sticker i made my own sign as promised.

It isnt nearly as nice and pretty as the official voting sticker but at least it is something i can wear with semi-pride.

If you need further impetus to vote, my pal Sprat and hubby received a free coffee and doughnut for dropping off their mail in ballots, so check locally to see if you can score some free schwag too.

I will be updating the blog all day long with political randomness. It wont be regular so check back whenever you can and until then...Happy Voting!


****** 1:30pm

Bird the shovelbum says "McCain Eats Babies" but I am not going to tell you why I think that. I am just going to make a ridiculous statement and expect you to go out and discover the truth. Yes, that's right...the burden of proof is on you. Thank god for Shepard Smith...

****** 2:30pm
Remember what i said about free schwag? I am not sure you can beat free sex toys! Happy ending no matter who wins for folks in New York or Seattle.

****** 5:30pm
Polls have closed in the east and Obama has won Vermont with 0% of precincts reporting (dont ask) and McCain has won Kentucky with 13% reporting. AYYAYYAYY!!

I will be checking out various television stations as well as CNN.com and Pollster.com for my election news. More at ya later...

****** 9:00pm
The dems I wanted to win in my county are losing, by a rather large margin which is a little disappointing. Udall, our new Senator won. Musgrave, whom I detest, lost which is very nice. Coffman won, beating out the Dem Hank Eng. Mollie Cullom is losing to David Balmer. Mollie is so great and I hope that she can pull out a win.

The good news is that Obama, while not called on the major networks is up by a rather large margin. Colorado finally going blue...will wonders never cease. Also, 75% of the state is smart enough to see through Amendment 48.

And this just in...Virginia called for Obama. Big congrats to the Doc, i know he is happy tonight.

****** 9:02pm
Wow, that was fast, Obama just won with the polls in the west closing.

Pretty fucking exciting.

****** 9:14pm
No one cares and no one on CNN even mentioned it but Colorado went blue! I am so happy for our state. Chuck Todd said nice things about CO earlier, and we like Chuck Todd.

HC-for Local election results check here

****** 10:24pm
I am having a hard time wrapping my head around this. Obama won...

I am sure it will sink in soon probably when i wake up tomorrow. As i was listening to his acceptance speech I was thinking two things. One, i look forward to more speeches like that..and not cringing at every state of the union. Two, Arapahoe county voted Democratic for the first time in...who the hell knows how long. I am happy about that and look forward for a breakdown so i can see how my precinct went.


Hercules Rockefeller said...

Vote Quimby!

The Happy Cynic said...

I can't find a tally of our amendments. Where did you find it? The Camera doesn't have squat.

The Happy Cynic said...


Bird said...

You are very welcome!

Anonymous said...

The Doc is very, very happy.

Bird said...

And I am happy for you doc