07 November 2008

The Day After

...I have nothing to talk about since the election is all over. As much as I love fuzzy puppies i dont want to get into a protracted discussion about the Presidents' new dog.

I dont have any desire to figure out where the GOP went wrong.

And I can only post nice photos of Obama for so long...


So I guess this is my transition post. Unless something really crazy happens I am back to my inane posts about whatever happened to me that day, random travel bits (i see a mess a Texas posts in the new year), and the odd news story here and there.

It will be nice to get back to the core of my blog "speciality" right? Maybe not.

While you were busy voting the Avs were busy losing. They are on a 5 game tear....and not the good kind. The kind where you bend over and your pants split. Did you wear clean underwear like your mother told you to? No...and neither did the Avs.

They are stink on ice my friends. And it isn't a goal tending issue. Somethings gotta change because it is not pretty.

I should brag now since i think my days are numbered. Why brag you ask? Because the Brian Meeker All Stars, my fantasy football league team, is still #1. Yeah! That's right baby. I have been in the top slot since week two. I can hardly believe it myself. I have gotten some serious breaks and i hope it continues. I like winning.

Alright. It appears that it is five now and that I have wasted just enough time.

Happy Weekend everyone and a super happy 40th birthday to my pal Stretch. You owe me a beer....wait. Strike that, reverse it.



The Happy Cynic said...

Wait, what movies is that from?

Bird said...

It is from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. That is my favorite line from the movie. That and, "we are the magic makers, we are the dreamers of dreams." I love myself some Gene Wilder.