14 November 2008

Snow and Planes


First snow of the year...better late than never. I am trying to ignore the fact that now, the sky is blue and the little smidgen of snow is starting to melt.
*Happy snow thoughts*
*Happy snow thoughts*

Like all good Dems I have been playing with the idea of going to see the Inauguration in January in DC. In addition to the inauguration there are friends and family in the area so that is just an added bonus.

Alas...flights for that week (roughly the 17th-22ish) are going for $600-800 plus fees. Holy christ! The week before (in fact, leaving on the day of the inauguration-the 20th) are all of $250.

Goddamn that makes me mad. Oil prices have dropped but of course flights still charge for checking a bag, sitting in a window seat, curbside checkin. Do airlines give us a break when they get one? No of course not. And then, knowing that it is a hot time to fly into DC they jack up prices 220% because they can. Because thousands of people will pay for it.

Fuck you airlines. Dont come crying to us next spring when the price of jet fuel rises again and you need a fucking bailout.

~Enjoy the snow you Denver-ites
Happy weekend to everyone else!

Tweet tweet goes the bipolar Bird

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