12 November 2008


What is the deal with fingerless "mittens?"

I do a simple search on Etsy for mittens and about 194 pages come up. 99% of them are filled with this shite...

Seriously? Everyone in the description says, i have cold hands but need my fingers free. Hmm...i wonder if there is a type of clothing that allows your fingers to move and still keeps them warm??

I know I know...they need "dexterity" but why dont we call these things what they really are...wrist warmers.


PS Etsy is wonderful and you should buy many things from their artists....inexpensive and handmade!!


Hercules Rockefeller said...

They're for picking dimes out of the snow

Jackie said...

I freaking love Etsy.

Also, for my second knitting project ever, I'm totally knitting wrist warmers. Or maybe leg warmers...