14 November 2008

I Forgot...

...That Shuttle Endeavour was launching today.

Just before 6pm Mountain time.

Enjoy the night launch via...


C-SPAN often shows the launch as well.

From NASA's Mission Pages

"In Endeavour's payload bay, the Multi-Purpose Logistics Module Leonardo is packed full of about 14,500 pounds of equipment and supplies, making it one of the heaviest modules in shuttle history.

Also included in the payload, are additional sleeping quarters, a second toilet, an exercise device and other household-type equipment.

The prime objective of the 15-day mission is to prepare the International Space Station to accommodate six members for long-duration stays.

Four planned spacewalks will focus on servicing the station's two Solar Alpha Rotary Joints, or SARJ, which are needed to track the sun for electric power."

Ah yes, an extra toilet. Really overqualified plumbers...

~Enjoy the launch and godspeed to the Endeavour's crew


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