02 August 2009

I'm Blogging!

Hi everyone. Sorry I have been so out of touch recently. I am super lazy i suppose. Dont think i dont love you because you know I do.

My mother is in town this coming week. Wow, that will be....fun? No, I tease. I am not really worried about it. Besides being pretty crazy she is low maintenance. At least, I think she is. I plan on ferrying her to the Molly Brown House, Tattered Cover, and a tea place I like. If you have other ideas on where to take an aging woman I would really love some ideas. No jogging (that's for me not for her).

I am getting excited for our trip to Alaska. I only wish i wasnt working that week as Q and non are going to see some cool shite. No worries my friends, I will be seeing some glaciers for sure. I am hoping to bring back a puffin in my pants. Shh dont tell TSA.

TSA: Is that a puffin in your pants ma'am?
Bird: What? Oh this lump? Why no its just my front balls. Hold up...what's that over there! *points* That man has a 4 ounce bottle of lotion!!


Every time i listen to Queen I remember how freakin good they are. Can you get behind that??!!

I got a better How-To book for my Uke. This one will teach me how to strum, something i am super crappy at. Also, a book of country tunes. Soon I will be annoying all those around me with hits like, "Tumbling Tumbleweeds, Happy Trails, and Your Cheatin' Heart. But the hits dont stop there!! You'll also get to hear my off key Cold, Cold Heart, Ring of Fire, and King of the Road. PLUS if you act now I will poorly strum I Fall to Pieces! HOW can you pass that up?!"

Okay peoples. I am out. I hope to be around a bit more and to dispatch from Seward's Ice Box....no wait, Seward's Folly.....hmm no, The Final Frontier.....closer. Well, I am sure i will figure it out before i get up there.

~typing and blogging~

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The Happy Cynic said...

I am with you on Queen. Not sure you convinced me about the Puffin. Call me if you need a bailout.