21 June 2006

'Bout Time

What the fuck is wrong with me?? Not spending time with my blog? I am so sorry blog. You know I love you, it is just that I have been so busy. You know how much you mean to me blog. No, dont say that! You know I think you are beautiful. The other blog? Come on...that isnt fair. I am hardly ever posting over there. Plus, it is more of a community blog. No, it isnt that I like the group thing more then you...come on blog dont be like this. That's right blog...yes, of course. I love you too blog. Of course your mother can stay with us.......wait.

Okay~ So here is a photo of the library. Someone keeps putting peppermints in the bookdrop, as if to say, "Here librarians...enjoy this minty treat."

Of course, like my mom always said, dont take candy from strangers.
There are all kinds of crazy stories about what you may find in the book drop. I have heard about roaches, a birthday cake, and best of all, bombs! yay libraries!

There is this one kid who comes in, I have yet to see him, but he takes a mess of the Idiots' Guide to Blah books and stacks them randomly around the library. I took a photo of the second stack I found.


So, what else. Oh i quit the PC. That is a big thing. The chances of me getting punched in the face at a NAS show is much less likely now. Since i dont have a second job I am dreaming about opening the poke check, my very own hockey bar.

Speaking of opening things, my pals are about to open a shop...i cant tell details just yet, who knows if they me to blab about it all but I am very excited for them! I have always said I would work the register and i mean it! Ahh, I can hardly wait.


Quick shout out to my pals in Ely. I feel your pain. I wish you all the best and am very happy none of you have been run over by large trucks yet.

Alright, I have some wednesday afternoon slacking to do.

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Munpe Q said...

I knew routing was going to come into play one way or another. That picture says it all. You refuse to realize that you are meant to route, but you are ignoring the signs, but this is clear evidence that you shouldn't ignore it. Look closely, it's very subliminal...

Jackie said...

LMFAO, I adore you! You crack me up.

Also, I think you should punch that kid in the face. I think he's stacking those books just to mess with y'all.