28 June 2006

My Collection

I am sure that if you are one of the tens of people who read this every month that you are a friend of mine. A shout out (why yes, I am a cracker!) to those people I dont know who are checking out the blog.

Anyway, if you are my friend then I am sure that I have either told you (or maybe you told me) about Found Magazine. Perhaps, if you are ultra-lucky I have dragged you to a found event. If you have missed out on my found lectures please check out the Found Website www.foundmagazine.com

Ah yes found. So, one of the best places to find stuff is at the library. What with kids everywhere and an abundnt supply of free golf pencils and scrap paper.

I was rewarded in the first couple of days at work. From the lost and found came a book that had been in there for months and was about to be chucked. A great scrap book with tons of drawings. There were some random phone numbers, an email address, and a post office box address. I am hoping to track down the owner.

Since then, i have found a number of notes, letters, and pictures. Soon they shall be sent in to found and perhaps you can check them out there. It has gotten to a point that one of my co-workers refers to it as my collection. "Oh, i saw this great note that would be perfect for your collection," she tells me.

Sadly, I havent found the best found item ever. Cold hard cash. oh yes my friends, you wouldnt believe the stuff people use as book marks.

So as I am returning the delivery of books that appear at the library every morning (like magic!!) I notice a DVD. Praise Moves! Yes that's right. Yoga for Christians because, as my co-worker pointed out, "They will find a way to make anything fun a sin." See, Praise Moves isnt Christian Yoga it is the Christian Alternative to yoga. It seems that Praise Moves has decided that yoga is bad....bad! However, doing similar stretches while quoting scripture is okay! I wonder, if snorting coke off a hookers ass is bad, is snorting coke while reciting John 3:16 okay?

I am going to Casa Bonita this weekend. I know I know...lucky.

I cant even begin to tell you how exciting it is to have a reason to go to the Bonita. My brother wanted to go a couple of years ago for his birthday and I said, bring it on baby! This sunday i shall be celebrating the independence of my bowels by eating myself some sugar beans. Mmmm mmm, i think i saw the cheese move!

So, hopefully someone in the party will get tanked and try to do the hi-dive. I shall have stories and until then...

happy humpday!



becca said...

thanks for the shout out. i like your blog, i just think you should update it more often.

Anonymous said...

me too! more please!