03 September 2006

Definition of Quick Wit...Conversation Style

Sunday Night...

Commercial Lady: "...um, I have genital herpes..."

Bird: "Man...how would you tell someone that."

Munpe Q: "Just like that I guess"

CL: doing yoga

Q: "Maybe if you kept your legs closed you wouldnt have herpes"

B: "Hey, you dont know how she got herpes, mister"

Q: "Really, you think she ran into a herpes patch with her pants off?"

Ah, my wonderful Q...


Rich Uncle Skeleton said...

I dont' see anything here about Nick Ferguson.

I'm on the teflon vest shit
that wild wild west shit
81 1 carat stones on my necklace.

Anonymous said...

I would imagine there is a very specialized set of PPE for any job that involves going into a herpes patch.