23 September 2006


I have been layed up for six days and counting. Ouch!!

This sucks...

but much thanks to Q and Beans for visiting and cheering me up.

soon i shall have blogs about stupid city and county of denver meetings with my pals slim and scooter (or did we change your nick-name to yo-i-fuck-you-up-you-and-your bas-ass etc etc); a special fantasy sports blog; and a "nick ferguson are you dumb or just refering to a 50 Cent lyric?"

Until then...here's to laying on your back and still not getting any!


1 comment:

Hrdwrebabe said...

What is up?? why are you layed up?? have you been the hospital?? Do i need to be worried?? Here i am feelling good about everyone..and you have been sick. I wonder why i don't have the sister thing...where i know something is wrong.