16 January 2007

Animals are Gross

Happy MLK day everyone (yes yes I know, yesterday.) I celebrated by eating a philly cheesesteak sandwich with Q, going to the zoo for free and getting some tires rotated.

"Zoo for free?" you say, "How is that possible?" I will tell you my pretties...

Colorado Free Day of course.

It was a balmy 19 degrees out and hardly anyone was there. I kinda like and kinda hate the zoo. Q and i were discussing it last night and i think that because we have to pay for it we expect lots of entertainment from the animals; but in reality-they mostly just sit around and stare back at us. Or, in the winter, they hide out in their shelters. No matter...it was a good time. I saw my new favorite animal; a red panda.

These guys look like cartoon animals and make the cutest sounds ever.

I also saw the most disgusting thing I have ever seen...and I have some nasty friends so that is saying alot. We were in the Primate Pagoda (or some other stupid alliteration) checking out the apes and there was this gorilla there who's name was Jim. He looked alot like this:

Without the carrot. See, he didnt need a carrot becuase he was eating his own vomit.

Yeah, nice....see-food salad.

I thought he was eating his poop but one of the Anthro students there watching him said that he had just thrown up. He spent a couple minutes muching away and then sat back. I was staring at him thinking, damn you Charles Darwin, when the ape leans over, throws up and starts eating...again! Gross! He finished up and did it a third time, looking very content I might add. Now, before you bring up the whole cow/cud thing, let me point out that a gorilla is not a ruminant, which are cud chewing mammals. Jim was just bored and had nothing better to do, what with the cold temps and the foot of snow in his play yard. I can say this, i hope I am never so bored that all there is to do is eat my own vomit over and over again.

Speaking of eating...lunchtime...

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