21 January 2007

...And stop making fun of the Capybara!

Here we sit..waiting for the snow to stop. I know what you are thinking, "Weren't you doing that last weekend Bird?" Why yes, yes I was. Hey Sklimps, what's that snow record we are about to break??

So, while Non and Q play chess and we watch the Bears stick it to the Saints I started browsing the interweb for fun stories that arent about how streets in Denver still havent been plowed (do people in Fairbanks complain about this?).

While reading I was reminded of why i like those crazy South American countries.

Chavez to U.S.: "Go To hell, gringos!"

This is hi-larious. i mean, sure Chavez is a maniac, but how cool is it that he just called us all gringos?! Can you even imagine the fire storm that would occur if our president did something like that? I mean, he cant even call a reporter a major league asshole (even though we all know reporters are the biggest bags of shit ever, whether they are working for the evil liberal media or the evil conservative media...) without people freaking out.

Ah, i hope chavez is around for a bit so he can say more crazy things...Does that make me a bad person?


sklimps said...

Consecutive days with snow on the ground. Currently at 63.

Bird said...

and the number to beat is?

sklimps said...

63 is the record. We're around 30-35 right now.