03 March 2009

"Change always comes bearing gifts." *

Not too long ago I had a post about a significant change in the Endangered Species Act that the Bush Administration was pushing through before leaving office.

The change allowed "federal agencies to decide for themselves whether highways, dams, mines and other construction projects might harm endangered animals and plants." It was completely ridiculous.

Today, on the 160th Anniversary of the Department of the Interior, the Obama Administration "issued a memorandum that effectively suspends the regulation while ordering a review to determine whether it promotes 'the purposes of the [Endangered Species Act].'"

This makes me very happy. It isnt like i am in love with Preble's Meadow Jumping Mouse and the Dudley Bluffs Bladderpod, it's that there is a process already in place to protect these animals and it doesn't really stop construction of roads or drilling or any other type of activity. Just because Bush didn't give two fucks about animals and plants and the process made it more difficult to plow over bald eagle nests, doesnt mean the process wasnt working...

In celebration let me share one of my most favoritist songs by Wilco...Hummingbird. This song makes me feel small and wonderful. Hope you like it too.

~Enjoy the rest of your square root day~

*Price Pritchett

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