26 March 2009

Space Talk

Shuttle Discovery undocked from the the ISS and took pretty cool photos of the station with the solar panels unfurled.

Neato. While at the nasa website i listened to the president talk with the crew and decided that Mike Fincke, ISS Commander, is the coolest guy ever. Click here to listen if you would like. Also, the guys nick name is spank so...that's pretty sweet in itself.

Discovery lands this saturday at 1:43pm EST. Watch it on CSPAN or nasa tv. Or follow on the tubes at the landing blog.

I am hoping for a snowy work at home day tomorrow...cross your fingers for me.



The Happy Cynic said...

I have the next two days off, and is it going to be sunny? No. It's going to snow like the devil the entire time, even though it was in the 70s all week while I was stuck at work.

I might take the monster snowshoeing.

Bird said...

I left the house and it was dry and even sunny in a couple of spots. The moment I arrive at work, snowing. Bad breaks HC, bad breaks.