12 May 2010

The 1%

I had a particularly annoying day at work. It was fueled by small mistakes made by various coworkers. The devil's in the details.

Certainly I have made similar mistakes, nothing serious, but the cluster of them today led me to the edge of insanity. Thank god for early hockey games.

One of my bigger frustrations stems from the fact that since my small company has been eaten by a bigger company we no longer have local admin privileges. Again, a small thing, but one that prevents me from downloading scanner software or freeware programs I use for work. This rule is in place because some people in the big company are unable to get their work done without downloading Barbie's Hair Salon (a real program), or some other stupid time wasting/pirated program.

The whole world is full of these laws and rules that we make for the 1% of the population that screws up. Rather than ask managers to actually manage, rather than holding people accountable, we stymie the 99% doing it right.

You see this in every aspect of our lives, even down to the warnings not to put animals in the microwave, because you know there is that 1%....

I do understand that my company needs to manage their licensing because they are liable and that people pick up viruses and they need to protect themselves.

Maybe my real problem is people. Was there or will there ever be a time when you can actually count on humans to not abuse and misuse whatever is handed to them?

...my little aggravation about work turns into my disappointment with all of humanity...

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The Happy Cynic said...

No. That time will never come. People are idiots. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. =(