10 May 2010

Testing the Waters



I miss blogging. I had a hectic year and really felt that I didnt want to share anything but I am missing the act of writing, even if it is just blather on a page that no one reads. Im going to start up the blog again, maybe with more creative writing. I am sure all of my regular readers are gone. I know that blogs have kind of died in popularity as well. Especially these crappy personal blogs. No matter though, i usually wrote for myself anyway.

Besties to all you bots!


The Happy Cynic said...


Penelope said...

Hi.  I hit the "next blog" button and came across your blog.  I love it. I am going to go back and read from the beginning. I see you haven't written much this year. You profile mentioned something to the effect of not many reading it.  I wanted to reach our and say I like it! Write more please!