14 April 2011

Cutting Medicaid

"Medicaid is something we talk about like it's a God-given right, when it's only been around since the 1960s It's a program that we phased in. We can easily start to phase it out," he [Levi Russell-Tea Party Spokesman] said.

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"Under god" has only been in the Pledge of Allegiance since the 1950s....can we phase that out too?

It struck me last night how disgusting it is that someone in this country can be diagnosed with cancer and die a slow and painful death because they cannot afford treatment.
Are we really okay with looking into the face of a person with a heart condition who only needs medicine to live and saying..."Oh sorry, I know this pill will save your life but you can't have it."
Is that the kind of country we want to be? Is that the kind of place we want to live in?

Life or Death should never be decided by the state of your bank account or your credit history.

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