04 April 2011

Quickly Quickly

I havent forgotten about Newt...work proved too hectic for a post last week. However, this post isnt about newt...something very special happened today.

Its the birthday of Dorothea Lynde Dix! Yes, the American prison and asylum reformer would have been 209 today. But something else happened today too....American playwright Robert Sherwood turned 115! You know Sherwood....he wrote Abe Lincoln in New York and a biography of Roosevelt.

Most importantly though...it's National Day in Senegal! Way to stick it to France Senegal.

Hmm...something else happened today. Oh, yes...i nearly forgot. Martin Luther King Jr. was killed this day 43 years ago. Such a tragedy.

I feel like i am forgetting something...oh yes, oh yes, Sklimps turns 35.
Happy born day brother.


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